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Free Netflix accounts and password 2018 | Netflix Premium accounts generator

Ever wonder? I wish I could own Netflix account for rest of my life and watch unlimited favorite movies, latest TV shows, videos and so on. Netflix premium account always have been headache for us who wish for Free Netflix accounts and password without any cost. But no worry, we came with idea that will provide a Free Netflix email and password, no Netflix premium with cost from now just Netflix account for free and Netflix streaming will be on your Netflix app, including smart TVs, game consoles, streaming media players, smartphones, or tablets with the help of Netflix premium account generator.

Yes, you heard it right. After years of survey and research we would suggest everyone who are searching for Free Netflix email and password to curb their journey because it is mostly we are providing one to each who are eager to login with Netflix account with the help of Netflix premium account generator. The Netflix premium account generator will be simple active and legit with proper execution. We are here to share you legit, simple and authorized method for getting Netflix premium account and working Netflix accounts without investing a single dime. And you can enjoy unlimited Netflix TV shows, Netflix movies and stream online.

How to activate and use Netflix premium account generator ?

Free netfix premium account generator 2018 : There are numbers of websites on google offering free Netflix accounts and password. I was eager to use them for Netflix account login however they are either corrupted or no longer working and could not access the free movies and TV shows. But, no worry here we will show you that how you could easily access with free Netflix accounts and password through free Netflix account generator.

Free Netflix premium account generator automatically generate free Netflix accounts and password lists that users can get access to the content available on Netflix without paying any monthly charges then there are secret Free Netflix account hack that will allow users to get free account and password on Netflix and certainly get free entry into Netflix.

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Netflix accounts available

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FREE in : €7.99/M
Series NoN USA (*2)
1 screen
Definition Standard
Valid 8 months
748 Accounts outstanding on 25/12/2017
FREEin : €8.99/M
Series USA (*1)
Available for 2 screens
high Definition
Valid 6 months
884 Accounts outstanding on 25/12/2017
FREEin : €11.99/M
Series USA (*1)
Disponible for 4 screens
high Definition + 1080p
Valid 3 months
114 Accounts outstanding on 25/12/2017

Series USA (*1) = All US series are available, that means that they are US accounts. For most series the voices will be in Original version, the FR and ES subtitles remain available for 99% of the series.

Series NoN USA (*2) = These are non US accounts , so certain series or seasons will not be available, but there will be a different catalog rich in European works and series.

Netflix VPN

Unblock Netflix beside tunnelbear with best top 3 working VPN 2018

Well everyone wants to unblock Netflix and stream from anywhere! Jumping directly on the centered topic rather than introducing what Netflix is and its features, the top functional VPN for to unblock Netflix besides the well-known TunnelBear. If I have to explain what exactly is a TunnelBear, it basically provides a complete VPN to any beginner needs to get started which is firstly very easy to use and download but still have no good experience like others. Do not worry I am here to help you out and introduce other popular and functional VPNs.
Firstly, to unblock Netflix, it does not work on free vpns like TunnelBear. I would highly recommend the users to install the ExpressVP and call it as a solution because it is the only working VPN that constantly unblocks Netflix and has the fastest streaming capability.

Properties of ExpressVP:
Encryption: Strong AES 256-bit encryption.
App Versions: iPhone, iPad, iPhone, Android, MAC, Windows.
Locations: It is used particularly in the United Kingdom, USA, and Canada. It is also available in 17 other locations. Yet, the service is not free in Australia. If your location is not there, you can let them know, and they may add your location to their list.
Protocol used: TK
As mentioned above and looking at the above mentioned properties, I highly recommend TunnelBear to anyone who wants to use the easy-to-use VPN as long as you don’t intent to handle it for streaming advantage or torrenting.
Sadly, TunnelBear does not grant you to stream Netflix and has not been able to add this service for a while now. This is apparently due to the fact that it has a fairly small number of servers as compared to other favoured VPN services in the market. Thus, when it comes to unblock Netflix, this is no good news as this VPN connects with only shared IPs. Similarly, TunnelBear is inadequate to challenge and compete with Netflix trackers and unblock Netflix from anywhere around the world.

TunnelBear Work with Netflix

TunnelBear is a VPN service that users typically use to limit the regional restrictions required on streaming channels. While TunnelBear has a platform that has many ideas to offer the users its features and it also allows you to use it for free which is not that accepted among the VPN providers. But if you talk about being safe and unknown then you can use this VPN. It may not provide an environment for you to stream in Netflix though! But eventually VPNs are primarily about being safe, protected and anonymous. So, you can use it for these purposes.


VPN’s chief function is to arrange you with an additional level of security and guarantee, which shows its reputation as it unlocks geo blocked content. TunnelBear could be used to change your Netflix region to USA. However, Netflix has been actively blocking VPNs and now you can find the prominent Netflix proxy error instead. So, here is the main topic of the moment actually. How can I use American Netflix outside USA again?


To regain or unblock Netflix US , VPN provider should be changed. That task might not be as sorted out as it seems. Many VPN services do not work to unblock Netflix any longer. It means loss of a lot of time and money to search for compatible working Netflix vpn. Fortunately, I have spent some quality time on testing VPN services myself.

Talking about ExpressVPN, it is the only VPN provider from which I was able to use to get US Netflix constantly. Not only this but they offer 24/7 support as well as a 30-day money-back refund duration. Like every other appropriate VPN, ExpressVPN have offers for their clients VPN apps for PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android. Download and install the app on your streaming device. Connect to an American VPN server. Watch Netflix USA more than once. Just in case you run into any issues, there also is a live chat support feature on the ExpressVPN website.


ExpressVPN server had been blocked multiple times in previous month. However, within the hours each time they fix the problem. ExpressVPN one month subscription has guaranteed to get money back in case you are not satisfied. So, there is zero risk involved.

The Best TOP 3 VPNs for Unblocking Netflix

Last test: February 2018

1. ExpressVPN – Fast, Reliable & Works 100% with Netflix:

ExpressVPN access netflix

ExpressVPn has been listed in most of “best VPNs for streaming Netflix”. They offer a huge integral figure of different locations in order to watch Netflix in almost any country and they have managed to stay ahead of Netflix attempts to block their IP addresses. Due to its affordable prices, consistency in high speeds and no-logging policy makes the best VPN for streaming Netflix. It is great even more for streaming and protecting your privacy. Customer services. Huge number of servers and strong encryption are their significant reputation. Check out these details:
1-year pricing: $6.67/month

2. NordVPN – Compatible with Netflix but little Edgy:

NordVPN for Netflix

At number 2 in our entire scale, NordVPN is an enormous wide-ranging VPN that has drawback in comparison to ExpressVPN only in speed which also can be negotiable though!. Although Nord might be slightly less consistent/powerful in unblocking Netflix around the world but it is still one of the best VPN. This VPN is based in Panama that is why many people prefer this VPN. Although Panama is not listed in any one of the Five Eyes countries, they have a “no-logging” policy that secures your privacy. Analyzing this feature with the ExpressVPN, ExpressVPN has 56 countries under it but still the NordVPN should be more than enough for watching any show or movie you desire to watch. After that, you should be able to get access to use Netflix in the US and across Europe although Netflix gets better at blocking VPN traffic. This can cause little bit of drop in the speed though but will work normally. In comparison with ExpressVPN, NordVPN showed at 74 Mbps which is not as great as compared with the ExpressVPN. But it is still much bigger than you will want for almost anything on the internet and definitely it is sufficient enough for streaming Netflix.
Check out these details:
1-year pricing: $5.75/month

3. CyberGhost – Cheap Alternative for Netflix Streamers:

CyberGhost VPN for Netflix

Pricing of this VPN is very good. If you purchase a seven-year subscription to CyberGhost, you’ll only need to pay $1.99 per month which is very low price for a great VPN. But the main hindrance of this VPN is speed. It is just slower than more lavish preferences. Still CyberGhost does still work with Netflix. With servers in the US, Canada, and most of Europe, you’ll be able to watch pretty much whatever you want to. There are not as many servers around the rest of the world, but if your primary goal is streaming Netflix through a VPN, you probably don’t need to worry about that. Like other Netflix vpn, CyberGhost has a firm no-logging policy. So you can be confident in your security. As it is based in Romania, they are also not subjected to the surveillance and inspection measures that some other VPNs are because of their administration. Unluckily, CyberGhost doesn’t have a high reputation for the speed of their support. It’s a ticket-based system, so you won’t get immediate feedback if you’re having problems streaming and want some help.
Check out these details:
1-year pricing: $5.49/month

How Does Netflix Block You From Streaming?

The location of your IP address is what Netflix is interested in. When you connect to Netflix, you send it your IP address, which is a unique identifier for your computer on the internet. There’s information connected to that address, like your internet service provider (ISP) and mainly the location.
If your IP address is based in the UK, you can watch anything on British Netflix. If you’re based in Spain, you’ll get access to Spanish Netflix. In the US, you will get access to American Netflix and so on. But if your IP address looks like it’s coming from a VPN, you’ll get this familiar errors.

Benefits of Using a VPN to Watch and unblock Netflix:

VPN actually lets temporarily change the IP address to stream Netflix online. That means you can appear to be watching from USA, UK, South Africa, Australia, Germany, Russia, Mexico, Japan, or any other country wherever Netflix is accessible.
Using a VPN allows you to access to whatever programs are available in that country. In most cases, users will likely try to get access to US Netflix, as it has the most TV shows and movies available.

How Does Netflix Ban VPNs?

Netflix is engaged in a long war against VPN providers. But it is content providers, and not Netflix, that are the most invested in this battle. Just running your VPN is not always enough to stream Netflix from another country.
Mindless of the situation, Netflix is preventing users from using VPNs to stream the contents of other countries. VPNs find new ways to prevent Netflix from blocking them. Netflix figures out how to identify the traffic and block it. VPNs finds new way like a escape to enter Netflix. Netflix blocks that one, too.
Netflix stops connections that share IP address and blacklisted popular VPN IP address blocks. Netflix numbers of method to block VPNs.

Before you choose a VPN for Netflix, know this

The most important thing that you need to consider before getting started. Available free VPNs are not best to stream Netflix. If you want to stream, you need a premium VPN. Especially if you plan on doing it regularly.

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Working free netflix gift card codes

Working free Netflix gift codes | Netflix premium account generator 2018

Using free Netflix gift card codes you are able to stream TV shows, online movies, original series with your loved ones, all without any pop up advertisement or responsibilities. Also, you may download your favorite TV shows in your smartphones or Pc or tablet computer. You will be stream offline which will be so exciting without any hesitation. Free Netflix gift codes 2018 will be most assisting part to access you in Netflix without any penny. Most probably, Netflix subscription is not a free and easy access for which anybody can manage. However free Netflix gift cards will help you to acquire Netflix present cards to use access in Netflix and gain over thousands of videos online in total HD. Free Netflix gift card codes will can be use as Netflix subscription and give as token of love to your loved ones.

1. Is there possible way to recover Netflix promo codes?

Yes why not. Sign into Netflix record and tap “Your Account” where there will be content that inspects Redeem gift voucher or promo code. Enter free Netflix code and Press “Recover”.

2.Do free Netflix gift codes terminate?

To be certain, free Netflix codes never terminate.

3.Is this Netflix free trial codes?

Actually it is free Netflix gift codes voucher that can be used to reclaim to buy genuine memberships in Netflix. To the point, it is not Netflix free trial code it is Netflix gift codes.

4.Are Netflix free gift codes without any cost?

Actually to be true, yes netflix gift codes are free with full access without any cost. Netflix account will be totally yours without any cost from the pocket.

Netflix provides three streaming programs to satisfy your requirements. The program you select will determine the amount of devices you can flow Netflix on in precisely the exact same moment. Regardless of which program you pick, you can set up the Netflix program on as many devices as you need, and enjoy just as numerous TV shows and movies as you want, anytime, anyplace. will helps to redeem free Netflix gift card codes where you input the present subscription. If you are new to Netflix, then you will be motivated to begin a brand new Netflix account. Would you need to learn if your Netflix promo code was applied to your accounts? In case you've entered the code and it doesn't appear, refresh the page. Is it true that the code not work? Then you have to refresh the webpage. Upon further issues, you might have entered a code which isn't valid. In this instance you are able to create another absolutely free Netflix code together with our Netflix present card generator, and try it like that.

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