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Ever wonder?, I wish I could own Netflix account for rest of my life and watch unlimited favorite movies, latest TV shows, videos and so on. Netflix premium account always have been headache for us who wish for Netflix premium account without any cost. But no worry, we came with idea that will provide a Netflix premium account, no Netflix premium with cost from now just Netflix account for free and Netflix streaming will be on your Netflix app, including smart TVs, game consoles, streaming media players, smartphones, or tablets.
Yes, you heard it right. After years of collaboration with Netflix we would suggest everyone who are searching for Netflix premium account to curb their journey because it is mostly we are providing one to each who are eager to have Netflix premium account. The Netflix account provided will be simple active and legit with proper execution. We are here to share you legit, simple and authorized method for getting Netflix premium account and working Netflix accounts without investing a single dime. And you can enjoy unlimited Netflix TV shows, Netflix movies and stream online .

How to activate my account Free Netflix ?

The account is activated after the first connection, you can then customize your data.
Depending on the formula you have chosen, the account will be valid eight, six, or three months after the first activation.
Obviously we can not give unlimited accounts in time.

*For obvious reasons of sharing, we ask for proof for the "Premium Family 5 screens" account applicants. This one is especially reserved for families. The identity card of a parent and at least one child is the minimum to be provided. You must wait three months between each subscription before you can request another account.

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Netflix accounts available

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BASIC account
Free ! in : €7.99/M
Series NoN USA (*2)
1 screen
Definition Standard
Valid 8 months
748 Accounts outstanding on 25/12/2017
Account Medium
Free !in : €8.99/M
Series USA (*1)
Available for 2 screens
high Definition
Valid 6 months
884 Accounts outstanding on 25/12/2017
Account Premium for Family
Free !in : €11.99/M
Series USA (*1)
Disponible for 4 screens
high Definition + 1080p
Valid 3 months
114 Accounts outstanding on 25/12/2017

Series USA (*1) = All US series are available, that means that they are US accounts. For most series the voices will be in Original version, the FR and ES subtitles remain available for 99% of the series.

Series NoN USA (*2) = These are non US accounts , so certain series or seasons will not be available, but there will be a different catalog rich in European works and series.

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